Frank 2


I want you to meet Frank Hyatt. Frank came into my life in June of this year. The story is long, but I can sum it up quickly. Frank is a photographer, not just any photographer, he travels all over the country taking pictures of star athletes, from Tiger Woods to LeBron James. More importantly, Frank Hyatt is a child of God and he wants to bless everyone with the truth that we are all children of God. Frank sent me a text last night with this picture. The hat he is wearing was given to him by Cory Gregory for working his camera at our annual All Star Bowl this past June. God has blessed Frank is so many ways, and because of that, he continues to bless others with the same love that Christ showed us by dying on a cross to forgive us of our sins. God bless you Frank, keep reppin' the MP hat. As Frank would say, "Blessings!"