Firehouse Taver

Bear with me as I continue to take pictures (or unforturnately in this case, don't take pictures) and write of the people and places I visit. I was just at the Firehouse Tavern in Sunbury, Ohio yesterday. Neal Cruz and his daughter Jessica Spann run the Firehouse Tavern and they heard about our mission with firefighters and cancer. Jessica's husband, Joe is a Columbus City firefighter, so the message hits home with her......and Neal "just gets it" is so many ways. Neal believes that his duty as a local business owner is to give back to the community. Neal and Jessica want to have a fundraiser at the Tavern on November 28th after Ohio State beats the team up north! I will keep you posted as details come together. If you like great food, hometown people, and giving back to your heroes, then I suggest you visit the Firehouse Tavern soon......and November 28th.