dream job

I was looking at a FB post that we sent out earlier this week, the one concerning skin absorption rates among firefighters, it had both positive and negative reactions. As I was looking over the comments, I started to think about the message that I’m trying to share with our followers. I’m not here to tell you that firefighting is something that you shouldn’t do. Actually, I would love to be a firefighter, but God didn’t send me down that path, that was Mark’s path. I am here to tell you that your high risk job is an even higher risk job because of all the chemicals you are exposed to on a regular basis. You may know this already, but not all firefighters do. Mark didn’t know this when he was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma, so it became his mission and now my mission to make firefighters all over the world aware of cancer in the fire service and how to prevent it.

Let me share this last thought. I was listening to Mark talk with our dad the other day; he said, “How do you go from your dream job to something else?” Being a firefighter was Mark’s dream job, he misses it every day. Mark wants to make sure that you don’t have to give up your dream job. Let him be a reason for your change.