ASB 2016 team

I had so much fun helping organizing the 3rd Annual SKNLUV OSU All Star Bowl this year. To actually see the players and spectators attending and having fun is always rewarding. This year, I selected the rosters for each team and I wanted all firefighters playing, to be on Team SKNLUV. Unfortunately, that meant that all the young studs would be on Team Max Effort Muscle (in black). What I forgot was that no matter the situation, firefighters never back down and they fight, and fight hard to win in every situation. Some of the youngsters on the other team were 20 years younger, but that didn't make a difference in the score. SKNLUV won for the 3rd year in a row, 48-22. Not only did we win the game, but 40 individuals received free skin exams at the event, and $35,000 was raised for firefighters and cancer training, supplies, and equipment. Thank you for all the support and I look forward to doing it again in 2017! Check out some more photos and an article from the local newspaper Newark Advocate