Relay for life new

As a former employee of Rolls-Royce, I was familiar with Relay for Life and the funds we raised as a company, but I had never attended the actual event. I chose to form a team for this year’s Relay for Life of Knox County and of course we were called Team sKeven. As the captain of the team, I’m supposed to encourage others to join my team and we’re all supposed to raise funds for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I started the team 6 weeks before the event and really didn’t prepare things that well. Along the way, Mark was chosen as the Honorary Chair for this year event, so that was exciting and encouraging. Jess, my wife, was the only person to “formally” join my team, and we quickly realized that we should get serious with the fund raising. So 2 weeks before the event we had a cornhole tournament at our house and raised close to $500 dollars for Relay. The very next weekend we held another cornhole tournament and raised $500 for Relay. That being said, we were very happy with the turnout from family and friends for the cornhole tournaments and can’t wait to do them in the future.

Now it was time for the Relay event. The event schedule lasts from 6pm on Friday night till noon on Saturday morning, and you’re encouraged to stay awake the entire time. (If you want more details on how Relay for Life was started, just Google it and you’ll get all the history.) Jess and I set up a Team sKeven tent and stayed all night. We did pretty well for being event rookies and had a great time see people we knew and bonded as a couple. The Relay for Life of Knox County, which is comprised of several teams just like Team sKeven, raised over $250,000 for the year and Team sKeven raised $1,250 within a couple weeks.

We look forward to next year’s Relay for Life and anticipate getting several more to join our team and raise money for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life!