So here's the story behind the picture. Team sKeven was responsible for the water balloon toss during Relay for Life on Friday, June 20th. At around 7 o'clock is rained like crazy and we never conducted the balloon toss. So here we are with 500 water balloons, yes, 500 water balloons. We thought it would be fun to have extra balloons for kids to throw around and surprise people, we quickly realized what a bad idea that was! Anyways, a friend came to our tent and said he would buy one of our sKeven t-shirts if someone would pop a water balloon over my head. I love fun stuff like that and all the proceeds were going to Relay for Life, so why not! Jess thought it would be fun to pop the balloon over my head, but she ended up being the one getting most wet. We had a great time at Relay and I have great respect for those that have been doing Relay for so many years. We only lasted till around 11 oclock on Saturday morning and Jess and I took several days to recuperate from the lack of sleep, but it was well worth it.