CBF new

The photo isn't the greatest, but it gives you a feel for my visits to Central Business Forms in downtown Mount Vernon. The story starts a year ago when I was looking for someone to print rack cards for an event sKeven was going to attend. I pretty much stumbled across Central Business Forms on Mount Vernon's Public Square. Talk about a mom-and-pop type atmosphere! Gracie (on the floor) and Ava (on my lap) are always eager to say hi. The Hall's (Bill, Jan, and their son Jake) started this copy shop in the basement of their home 25 years ago. Bill has passed on, but Jake and Jan continue to grow the business and do their best to keep up with new technologies. You can't beat the customer service and level of quality, and it's hard to find that kind of experience at the major copy centers. I could go on and on about the help and support they have shown me and our foundation, they always seem to be paying it forward. It all comes down to people - great people bring light into this world. Thank you Jan and Jake, Bill would be proud.