media event

I have to say, this is my first time putting together a media event/press conference. See I don't even know what to call it! No matter what you call it, we had fun. We are very grateful to the New Albany High School staff and they have a wonderful facility. Coach Britton (grey shirt, middle) has been great to work with and I would want him working for my school. The players showed up and gave of their time: Jay Richardson, Maurice Clarett, Tyler Everett, and Kirk Barton. But......we always have one unsung hero in the bunch, someone who actually makes it all happen, someone that has the vision for All Star Bowl and SKNLUV. That person is Rob Cathcart. I met Rob earlier this year and I was blown away by his vision, I've been waiting to meet a guy like him. He gets "it". Rob is a seasoned veteran when it comes to marketing and he knows a little bit about life too. He knows that life is all about making a positive impact in peoples lives. Rob has more community volunteer hours in his lifetime then I've been alive......and he's not that old, if he is, he doesn't act it. Community, yes, he is community. That's what he does, because that's what he loves. His signature is all over your community, you just didn't know it was Rob. He works all his magic behind the scenes when his superhero powers come out, seriously, superb work with a crazy work ethic.

Simply put, if it wasn't for Rob we wouldn't have SKNLUV or All Star Bowl and that's saying a lot.

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