When cancer rocked our family, my first response was, "what could I do to prevent this from happening again?" Eat healthy, exercise, and pay attention to the products I use was my answer. Needless to say, my life choices have changed drastically with this mindset. Heather Ricardo, a representative of Beautycounter, heard what we were all about at SKNLUV and thought it would be a great fit with her product. After reviewing the product and ingredients, I would say we do fit well. If I'm going around telling firefighters to shower after every working fire, then I should tell them to use a product that doesn't have harmful chemicals in it. If I'm telling teenagers to use sunscreen and avoid a sunburn, then I want to direct them toward a proven to use. I have some details to work out, but I suggest you do your research as I have and take a look at Beautycounter.